October Drinky News!

October Drinky News!

…See what we’ve been conjuring…

We’ve been working up some special somethings for the upcoming holiday.  Here’s a Romanian charm of protection to keep you safe til then:

“You, sharp-cutting and venomous scythe, as you cut the grass.
Likewise cut back the fates and the piercings and the maimings from <name>.  May s/he remain clean and lumious and God let her be.”

Heat the top of a scythe in a fire. Make the charm in the water, put the iron blade in the fire nine times and use nine embers.

Saturday Oct. 31

Cabaret Macabre

Columbia City Theater

You may have noticed we’ve scaled back on how often we’re playing, so this is your second to last chance to see us this year. We’ve been working on all new material for you!

We are so excited to be sharing this bill with Seattle’s most MacabreThe Bad Things, Baby Gramps, Sinner Saint Burlesque, The Jug Banditos, and the sassy stylings of Miss J9 Fierce – all this for one measly entrance fee! We’ll be costumed for the season, and we hope to see what sort of get ups you all get up too.   


We need your help friends!

Looking ahead:

February Birthday Party?

As you may or may not recall, It was a dark cold 14 February night when we, the Bucharest Drinking Team, first assembled in Cafe Solstice and joyfully played a set of ridiculous drinking songs from the former Eastern Bloc.  We never intended to live this long, and yet, here we are!  All thanks to you!!  This February we are toying with the idea of having a special birthday party just for you, our loyalest fans and friends, but before we go ahead and plan the menu, set the table, and hire the musicians, uh..us…we want to know a couple things from YOU.   1. Do you want a party? 2. If so, throw us some specifics.  Please take a minute to fill out this little survey for us to get an idea of your interest.

Va Multumim!

Take the Survey

I’m in yer blog

Makin’ a post.

A real living Blog!

Hello friends and fans! This is Coach writing today.


We are slowly rolling out changes in our web presence, and we now have a be-you-tee-full blog here where we can interact with y’all, share horror stories, wax philosophical, and generally, we hope, keep you tuned in to banter and, more importantly, inside jokes. As you are most likely aware, BDT is made up of a bunch of passionate dorks. We are collectively into lo-fi (as in festival), hi-fi (as in sound), and sci-fi (as in pop culture references) – whoo boy! First, yes, Game of Thrones is the first real TV theme song we have covered/stolen. Some of us are rabid fans – ahem – for the COSTUMES! Nevermind the boobies and stuff. What other dork references have you caught in our banter and tunes? What are you curious about? What would you like us to hide in a tune? We’re curious!

Honk! Fest west is upon us


Though we are not appearing in “official” capacity as BDT at the Honk!festwest  festival this year, you will surely find several, if not all, of us in disguise, in other bands (M9 *cough*), roaming the streets, and possibly playing at some semi-secret afterparties.   Want to help out?  Here’s the volunteer page!

Numa Numa – Live at Comet Tavern