We are going to HONK!TX !!

We just released the documentary of what happened when we found out we’re going to HONK!TX. Enjoy!

What do you think? Should we make more?



(find out more at the HONK!TX website)



Brother for brother

A few weeks ago at our Conor Byrne birthday party we were having too much fun to record videos.  Thankfully our Pal Dick Smith caught this on video and shared it with us, and with all of you too.  Here’s the Maidan Anthem two years old now – from the Ukrainian uprising in 2014.  We’re the leaders we’ve been looking for.



March preshow report

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Happy Birthday Number 6!

Hey it’s been six entire years of fun. Here’s how we were conceived!

We had a fun birthday show, and thanks Richard Smith for sharing!

Daj mi malko tiny desk

Hey Drinkies! We made a new music video. During a rehearsal. And then we submitted it to NPR Tiny Desk. I hope they like it. I hope you like it! Enjoy.

Let us know in comments what you think. And we’ll let you know if we get accepted officially!


P.S. We’re starting to record a new album, and this is just the beginning of lots more interesting things to come this year. Keep in touch!