Help us make a new recording

Hey everyone, it’s been three years since our last record release, and we’re ready to break some new ground. The discussion at Practice has been around the question of how do we best capture the vitality and essence of our live performances? Video? Clean studio recording? Everyone using their phones to record everything?

The group idea we settled on is somewhere in between all of those suggestion: We’re going to recording ourselves all year with some decent equipment, at rehearsals and performances (Here’s where you come in) – so we’ll have audience participation captured on the recordings – be ready to participate!

We’ve consulted our accountant and it looks like we’re in need of some outside help – Do you wnat to pre-order the CD? Or hire us for your wedding? You totally can! Please take a look at our very serious indiegogo campaign, and save your spot at the table. And while you’re there, watch the dramatized reenactment of how we got to this point! Go ahead, you know you want to…


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